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Computer Games OnlineAre you in a gaming clan? Have you ever been in a gaming clan? Do you even know what a gaming clan is? I’m sure anyone that has spent time playing an online game has come across the term clan or guild at some point. This is because clans have become an intricate part of most modern day games. The reason for this is the ever growing number of people that religiously play online video games and want to extend the game’s excitement to an entirely different spectrum.

When online videos first started out, the idea of a clan was not unfamiliar. Clans began long before the internet exploded with those fun flash-based games. Peopled teamed up to play games at their local arcade, or even the television games that you were able to get back in the early 1970s. Granted, these groups were never referred to as clans or guilds, but they held the basic concept and principles of clans. The one thing that separates the original gaming groups from clans of today is the internet. When the internet came onto the scene, the concept of a clan completely changed.

It truly took clans quite a while to immerge has an everyday aspect of online video games. One might see a few friends play a couple MMOG games, but nothing as extravagant as you might see today. These friends would hop on and team up to play the game and simply enjoy themselves. The original clans served virtually no purpose other than friendship.

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It wasn’t until the games became more complex that clans took on a new role.  When games started adding ladders, hidden prizes, and extremely difficult levels, the concept of a clan became much more evident. In order to beat that level 44 dragon, or that level 18 star shooter, you needed a little help from your friends. Clans were those people that teamed up for a common goal or purpose. They had an objective, and they worked together to achieve the end result. If those teammates were you middle school buddies, so be it.

When other people started seeing these clans takeover the leaderboards and acquire all the powers or weapons of a game, they decided they wanted in on the action. Before long, you saw a surge of clans popping up. It did not take game developers long to realize that these clans were changing the way the game was played. By the time the game’s sequel was released, developers had implemented a few tools and acknowledgments for clans. With the professional acknowledgment of clans and guilds within a specific game, clans obviously gravitated toward the games that catered to their sub-culture. It got to the point where certain games had clans and certain games did not. The games that had clans obviously catered to those players involved with clans and the other video games did not include such characteristics.

Finally, after a number of years, the current generation of PC and console games hit the shelves. These games completely changed the way clans operated. Games like Call of Duty and World of Warcraft completely rebuilt clans. They actually implemented system where you sign up for a clan, wear a clan tag, and display your clan’s honorary logo or crest. This type of swag just added to the enthusiasm new gamers had. Clans no longer became something you joined to complete a goal, or acquire friends. Clans became something you joined because everyone else joined clans. Clans became such a common video game term that the majority of you readers are probably familiar with the term. If you were not familiar with the term prior to reading this, you can deem yourself a clan expert now.

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